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Are Tarot Cards Evil?

You may have heard stories about Tarot cards being used for witchcraft, and that they’re evil. But, is any of that actually true? 

Do these cards and their images hold any power over people – for the worse, rather than for the better?

Many people are critical of Tarot and Tarot cards, claiming that they are a form of divination that is evil, because it puts the power of the future in someone else’s hands. This is both a misunderstanding of what Tarot readers do – and why people think divination itself is evil.

Yes, it’s complicated. But in summary, our answer is NO – Tarot cards are NOT evil. 


Tarot cards are a fun and harmless form of counselling, divination and mindfulness. Sure, there are some cards that may cause some concern. Yet, in addressing problematic cards, problems can be addressed in the Tarot conversation.

Now – in rare instances, they may be used by bad people to manipulate and abuse others; which is an upsetting fact of any form of guidance or counselling where people are opening up to another. But the Tarot cards are not, therefore, inherently evil. 

They can be used for good or ill, because people are always capable of using tools well or poorly. That even goes for religion, and cults.

So that would certainly be our answer, but not everyone thinks this way. 

Indeed, some people really do think that Tarot cards are evil.

Who thinks Tarot cards are evil?

Some Tarot sites get attacked by religious groups claiming to be doing the work of their God by taunting, harassing and even threatening to take down Tarot websites or their owners. 

We asked a Christian man what he believed about Tarot cards. His answer was this “yes, tarot cards are evil. They are an evil, idolatry tool of the devil. They are the work of Satan and can lead you astray.”

“They can even make you commit sins of the flesh. They can cause you to sin against God. They are a crutch used by the weak to try and compensate for their inferior mental health caused by their own evil and failure, they are compensating for how weak they are. The only way to stop the spread of tarot cards is to take them seriously, they’re not just toys. They are an evil concept made real by the devil in the material world.”

This obviously does not reflect how we think of the cards at Rosie Tarot. And definitely do not think they are evil. Ironically, it would be a sin to think that the cards are evil anyway, as that would result in a superstitious belief – a serious no-no in most religious communities.

Further to this, it’s worth remembering that the Tarot card deck is a compelling set of images that are steeped in mystery. Much like a lot of religious imagery.

But the deck – like religious imagery – has no real intrinsic worth: it’s just a set of paper and plastic, cardboard and paint. But the pictures and symbols themselves resonate with people and are meaningful. That is key.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries now, and tarot card readings remain ever popular for both therapeutic, meditative and entertainment use. 

This is also testament that good art, and symbolic art in particular, can survive the test of time, and that pictures can help explain the soul.

Are Tarot Cards Occult?

Many people claim that Tarot is an occult practice, but the links between the two are often overstated. We believe that the key is to understand the way in which Tarot and the occult are linked, so that you can get the most out of readings. 

That is what this blog will ultimately do – we will explain the way in which the cards can be used to gain knowledge.

It’s pretty common knowledge that tarot is not an occult practice. It’s widely thought that the application of occult was an attempt by famous pastors to shoehorn more meaning into the Tarot than was originally intended, to make them more mystical. The link crops up time again, but researchers have recently rubbished the idea that the Tarot is occult and possibly even the result of antisemitic feeling from other religious communities.

The Tarot is, in fact, a very popular form of both divination and entertainment, which would mean it’s neither occult nor a religion. 

But this hasn’t stopped some people from claiming that tarot is occult, or that it is the same thing as a pagan religion.

But could the Tarot be used for evil?

Tarot cards are not evil or bad as long as you use them for good. Tarot cards, for many practitioners, are just a way to connect to a subconscious source of knowledge, the idea of a higher power and, for both the reader and the significator to be able connect with their spiritual selves. By using symbols and art, you are given a path to help keep your mind focused, and to find the answers you might be looking for by tapping into your spiritual self and the questions you have in your mind. Tarot is a conduit, not the end result.

Why Tarot isn’t evil

Tarot cards aren’t evil.

OK so, yes, they can include positive and negative imagery, with positive and negative nuances for meaning – but the same goes for life. 

Nothing is completely good, and nothing is completely bad. Tarot readers are used to dealing with ambiguity, fear and doubt and they are excellent at understanding context at the highest level. They have to know how to do this, in order to provide decent readings.

Most tarot readers do not believe that tarot cards are evil. 

What they do believe is that people who use them determine the “evilness” of tarot cards. They also believe that every card, positive or negative, is a gift from the divine and a gateway to divine guidance.

In summary, we can see how Tarot came from occult roots and how it blends with modern spirituality. However, it is important to remember that Tarot is a tool — a tool that can be used for good or for evil. The responsibility for how Tarot is used ultimately lies with the person wielding the tool.

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