Deep breathing for Tarot

Using Deep Breathing for Tarot

Deep breathing for receiving a reading

Deep breathing is the latest and most effective way to tune in to your subconscious mind. It’s similar to meditation – and is often part of meditation – in that it allows us to clear our minds and clear any mental clutter that might be holding us back from receiving a clear, focused Tarot reading.

Deep breathing is also used for mindfulness – being totally present in the moment you’re in, and taking in all that your sense are doing, rather the living totally within the confines of your own internal monologue.

This article, by the way, is not medical advice – be sure to see a professional before making changes to your breathing!

Deep breathing applies to Tarot Readers too!

The same applies to Tarot readers too.

When you want to perform a tarot reading, it’s important that you do so in a relaxed manner.

Not only are you better able to receive clarity and insight into the situation, but you’re also able to utilize your intuition.

By practicing deep breathing techniques, you’ll be able to tap into your subconscious. This ‘tapping’ is allowing you to make more accurate decisions as you read.

With everyone breathing so deeply – no wonder Tarot readings can be such transformation experiences!

In this blog post, we will teach you how to do breathing techniques, which can help you when you receive or give a tarot reading, or even when you are navigating a stressful situation.

Before we actually start any sort breathing exercise we usually have to make sure it’s OK for us to do so medically.

And then we can find a quiet place where we can sit comfortably and free from distractions – close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, in for 4 seconds, and out for 7 seconds, for example.

In an in-person Tarot reading, the place you visit will usually be very calm and relaxed.

If you’re reading an emailed tarot reading or a tarot reading via Signal, try not to do it while you’re on the commute! the same goes if you’re walking, or cooking – just find a place to concentrate and breathe.

Here are some deep breathing technique ideas to think about.

Deep Breathing for Tarot – Techniques

1. Diaphragm Breathing

This is one of the fundamentals! And hey – don’t worry – it might take a few times to get right. Go with what feels comfortable.

While breathing in, push your stomach out and as you breathe out, let your stomach go back in.

2. 6-4-8 breathing Technique

People will only try this if they can hold their breath and exhale longer than they can inhale. It can take some real practice.

This is where you breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and breath out for 8 seconds. It’s a type of ‘cyclical’ breathing that helps slow down any overthinking, and forces you to focus on your breath.

So if you’re the kind of person who can’t concentrate during breathing exercises, this is a really good one to try.

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing (Yogic/Prana)

Yogis and yoga bunnies will be familiar with this technique. It’s an ancient stress relief exercises that helps you focus on yourself and your breath.

It requires a clean nose (note: doing this with a stuffy nose from allergies, or colds and flu it not a great idea!) and for you to be able to press each nostril against the other.

It means that you’re breathing in through one nostril, and then out through the other. It’s much easier to show you what this looks like in a video:

4. 4 to 7 Breathing Exercise to release tension

4 7 breathing, or 4-7 breathing isn’t cyclical breathing, but it is similar. This is simply where you breath in for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 7 seconds.

It’s a deep breathing technique which is thought to help the brain deal with pain, both physical and psychological pain. In some parts of the world, it’s so effective that it’s taught to expecting mothers as a way to to help deal with labour pains.

if it’s good enough for labour, then it must be good enough for you!

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