How to prepare for a tarot reading

How to prepare for a tarot reading

How to prepare for a Tarot reading: knowing that having a tarot reading done is no small feat. It requires trust, and the acceptance that you might need some extra help in being able to see clarity, or being able to see through a situation.

In preparing for a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do to help the process go smoothly. Of course, you don’t have to do any of these – it really is up to the person doing your tarot reading.

Whether it’s a Celtic Cross reading, a Yes No Reading or a Pyramid reading: one thing is for sure – ask the right question.

The Tarot can be a blunt instrument at times, simply showing us what we might already know – but also showing us what we might not want to see. It’s important to be ready for this and be open – this is why Tarot can be so powerful.

Remember, every single Tarot reading is unique, so you may as well make the most of it by being ready to receive the reading! Here are a few tips.

Preparation for your reading

Some people do have additional knowledge before going to see a tarot reader. They can ask themselves specific questions, like: do I have any personal stuff I need to deal with? Are there any signs coming my way? What do I want to manifest in my life? What am I avoiding? They may already be familiar with non-personalised readings, such as the random generator ones you often see online.

But most of the time, the best methods in how to prepare for a Tarot reading is to do some homework on how you’re feeling.

And how are you feeling? As you sit there waiting for your tarot reading to begin, it’s important to track your emotions. You might be curious, nervous, or wondering what will happen, or how the Tarot reader might see you. Don’t be scared! Tarot readers by their nature and by their art do not judge. They are simply there to be the medium between you, your situation, and the wisdom of the cards.

The Right Questions

This isn’t to say that questions that aren’t asked correctly are wrong. The right questions, though, work best: they are personal, relevant, balanced and purposeful.

Try your best to ask a question that will help put the Tarot reader’s focus the experience you’re having. This can be a question based on an internal question, or a question about a fear, or even about how you feel about someone, and what you think they might feel about you.

The symbolism of Tarot cards is based on our own personal energies: bring the detail and bring the right question(s), and you’ll be sure to get the most out of every reading to help you on your path.

What to Expect in a Tarot Reading

In a Tarot reading, you can expect to have a lot of energy and emotion in the room. Often the person reading will include questions back to you as part of their reading.

The energy in the room may be incredible: jovial, relaxing and empowering all at once. These are definitely the best kind of readings that we all enjoy!

Sometimes, there may be feeling of denial, or inability to see clearly, or uncertainty. Don’t worry – it means we might be getting to a breakthrough, even if you don’t realise it until after the reading is complete. In fairness, it’s a Tarot reader’s job to try and help you move past any feelings of denial, which is why they may pause and try to think more deeply about your questions and your feelings.

What if it goes wrong?

The focus of the room may also be sad, or upsetting, or dangerous, or all of these things at once. You may feel tension – that’s OK. It may be related to an issue within the room, or related to outside relationships that are influencing the reading. This is particular true where, as a Querent (someone who receives a reading) there may be a false reality, or someone else’s false reality masking what is real for you. Try your best to stay calm if this happens.

Usually, a Tarot reader will be able to sense this and they will hold off and make sure you’re feeling OK first. Of course, if you’re not feeling OK – make that clear and speak up.

Making the most of your tarot reading

Here are some things you can do to make your reading go a little smoother:

Take your time

Start by asking yourself why you’re here. If you’ve travelled for an in-person reading, find the meaning behind your trip, and this can help you frame the reading in a way that you can understand it and then explain to your Tarot reader.

If you’re getting an online tarot reading, via email or via Signal, you it can sometimes be easier to type rather than talk – that’s perfectly OK, and is the norm these days. What matters is what the cards tell us; not what you sound like, or how you’re explaining things.


Sometimes, Tarot readers were equated with ‘Soothsayers’ – indeed, their words and their empathy gave them a uniquely calm and collected authority that helped soothe people’s fears with clarity.

All in all, being ready for a Tarot reading means being ready to accept what news might come your way. You reaction might vary: from being spookily accurate, to feeling jarring and not what you were expecting – but then a few days or weeks later, it all suddenly makes sense.

Above all, being kind to yourself and being comfortable with looking for answers, wisdom and ideas is key to getting a successful Tarot reading for yourself.

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