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Love Tarot Cards

Love tarot cards seem to be the ideal cards in the pack that people want to appear in their readings.

Tarot cards are a wonderful way to read cards for love. A love-themed Tarot reading is a great companion to any romantic relationship, it can help you understand your partner better, and it can also be used to obtain even spiritual and practical advice on how to make your relationship work – or how to end it.

There are lots of tarot cards which represent love, or are often involved in tarot readings where love is concerned. In this article, we’ll reveal the best cards for a successful love life.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Tarot Cards to get in a love reading
  2. The best combination of cards in a love reading
  3. Tarot cards that require your care and concern during a love reading
  4. Neutral Tarot cards that require more context in a love reading
  5. Questions to ask Tarot cards about love
    1. Some great questions to ask the Tarot cards about love include
    2. Questions to ask Tarot cards about relationships
  6. How to choose a tarot card reading for love
  7. Conclusion

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Best Tarot Cards to get in a love reading

The following Tarot cards are usually telling of good fortune, in a Tarot reading for love. Bear in mind that these need to be upright (‘obverse’), not reversed unless otherwise specified. 

Remember, these aren’t hard and fast rules: every Tarot reading is different and totally subjective to the question and the querent. Generally speaking, the following usually indicate a successful relationship in progress:

The Lovers:

Self-explanatory, can also indicate positive change

The Empress:

A creative energy within love or a relationship, can indicate childbearing

The Sun:

Benevolent energy in this love and in this relationship

The Star:

A relationship that is growing

The Fool (although take care if this is in combination with Pentacles or Reversed Magician as it can point to being exploited):

A new love and a new relationship; or a renewal of vows. Penchant for naivety.

3 of Cups:

A satisfying love or relationship, usually the result of serendipity or being paired through friends

Queen of Wands:

A down-to-earth, steady love or relationship

The best combination of cards in a love reading

The Empress and The Emperor together

These two cards together suggest the highest possible level of compatibility. 

She is an excellent card to represent both the person you love and your relationship. She’s mature and fully blossomed, so she brings fertility to your relationship. She represents the feminine aspect of love. Your lover is associated with the Emperor. He represents the masculine aspect of love. He is more about the business of love, but he’s also a strong, independent working man. The Empress and the Emperor generally make a very good couple. 

It’s important to remember that these two might appear in a slew of concerning cards, so if they appear together surrounded by tougher cards, the reading will likely need to be more nuanced and considered in context, incase there are tough times ahead.

There are other fantastic cards to receive in a reading, and like the main ones we’ve listed above – it’s important to work with an experienced tarot card reader and get a love tarot card reading for more clarity.

Tarot cards that require your care and concern

The Tower, upright and reversed:

Severe disruption and possible danger

3 of swords, upright and reversed:

Disappointment, betrayal

10 of swords, upright and reversed:

High anxiety and possible depression

Reversed Magician:

You – or your partner – might be being manipulated, exploited, or is hiding from something

The Fool Reversed:

Chaos in love; be careful of being so head over heels / do not fall

The Hermit, upright and reversed:

May indicate a break or a break-up

10 of Cups Reversed:

Love or family life and satisfaction may be disrupted

The Hanged Man:

Something is stopping you from receiving the love you deserve

The Lovers Reversed:

Lovers in a relationship may be turned upside down

The Chariot:

The cards are detecting aggression in this love or relationship

What to do when you get a negative or harmful love tarot card

Stay calm. The important thing is not to worry – the Tarot only seeks to help your mind to think deeply and rationally, as well as help you to come up with possible solutions and perspectives on a situation.

It might be worth drawing a maximum of two extra cards to prevent ‘the fade’ – when the energy of a reading stops being about exploration and divination, and instead spirals into endless potential outcomes.

Neutral Tarot cards that require more context in a love reading

Wheel of fortune

Your love or relationship is about to hit a turning point

The World

Something is changing with the nature of this love (although generally this is a very positive card) 

These cards will need a little more input from the Tarot or the querent in order to understand what it is exactly they might be relating to.

Questions to ask Tarot cards about love

It’s important to ask well-rounded questions when you’re completing a tarot card love reading. This can be tricky if you’re reading for yourself, because your own energies might be influencing the reading and simply reflecting the hurricane of emotions in your mind! This is perfectly fine though – it might just mean that the reading will take a little longer, and that you might have to draw extra cards to gain some clarity. 

However, it is best if you can clear your head before a tarot reading to get the clearest and most relevant possible answers, divinations and meditations that you might be looking for. This is especially important if you are completing a love tarot card reading for someone else or for a client.

Some great questions to ask the Tarot cards about love include:

  • How can I better attract benevolent love into my life?
  • How can I boost my love life?
  • What do I need to think about in terms of the love that’s in my life?
  • How can I make sure I am standing in love, instead of falling in love?
  • How can I stop myself getting lost in the mix of emotions?
  • Does this person like me, or love me?
  • Will this person love me in the future?
  • Why does this person love me?

Questions to ask Tarot cards about relationships:

  • What can I do to strengthen my relationship?
  • How does my partner perceive this relationship?
  • How does my partner perceive me?
  • What do I need to be aware of during this troublesome time in my relationship?
  • What steps can I take to deepen my relationship?
  • Is this a good relationship for me? 

How to choose a tarot card reading for love

Choose any spread – there isn’t actually a specific one to use for a love Tarot reading.

The usual spreads used by professional readers for love readings are Celtic Cross, and 3-card readings, which assess the last, present and future of a relationship.


In conclusion, never forget that, as an intuitive reader, you’re always speaking from the perspective of the cards. The same is true for ‘love tarot cards’ – or at least where you’re being asked to conduct a reading for love and relationships.

Reading for yourself can be tricky as you might find it hard to get the distance you need to to truly see a situation objectively. You can’t see the wood for the trees, as they say! Reading for others is usually much easier when it comes to love tarot readings.

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