3-Card Reading

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Brand: Rosie Tarot

What will I get from this 3 Card Tarot Reading

You will receive, either via email or Signal (let us know during checkout):

  • Video of cards being drawn
  • Your full Tarot reading, with roughly 2 full letter-sized pages of content
  • Final image of how the full 3-card Tarot spread, with your name handwritten and blessed in crystals
  • Additional insights received

What is the 3 Card Tarot Reading?

The 3-Card Tarot reading, of three-card reading, is a specific read used (usually) to look at the past, present and future of a situation, so its important to pick a question where these three aspects make sense for you. You might want to use this reading for a relationship tarot reading, career ideas, or for deeper insights into the path that you're on. You may also want to use this reading for dream reading - you'll need to describe your dream so we can use the cards to look into it. We use the Rider-Waite Deck.

Why choose a 3 Card Tarot Reading?

Three card readings are perfect for a quick insight into life's challenges, emotional needs and potential solutions, as well as relationships, career and other important issues.

The three card reading will help you find the answers to your questions and confirm the feelings that you may already have. This Tarot reading may also reveal things that you did not expect.

Please note, we won't do readings for wealth or health, or for death or séance-related queries.

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