3 Months Ahead Tarot Reading

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Brand: Rosie Tarot

What will I get from this 3 Months Ahead Tarot Reading

You will receive, either via email or Signal (let us know during checkout):

  • Video of the three cards being drawn, along with any expansions
  • Your full Tarot reading, with roughly 2 full letter-sized pages of content
  • Final image of how the full 3 months ahead Tarot spread, with your name handwritten and blessed in crystals
  • Additional insights received

What is the 3 Months Ahead Tarot Reading?

The 3 Months Ahead Tarot reading is a three-card reading. It is a challenging 3-card reading that helps you look within yourself and at the challenges that lie ahead. Its focus is on the next three months, so it's great to use as an annual or even quarterly check-in. We use the Rider-Waite Deck.

Why choose a 3 Months Ahead Tarot Reading?

The 3 Months Ahead Tarot Reading is a useful planning tool that helps you contemplate what may lie ahead in the next three months of your life. It's important to sit back, relax, and ask yourself the following questions: What do I need to do to achieve my goals? What challenges do I need to overcome? Be sure to add in what you would like us to cover for your reading at checkout.

Please note, we won't do readings for wealth or health, or for death or séance-related queries.

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