One Card Tarot Reading

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Brand: Rosie Tarot

What will I get from this One Card reading?

You will receive, either via email or Signal (let us know during checkout):

  • Video of cards being drawn
  • Your full Tarot reading, with roughly 2 full letter-sized pages of content
  • Final image of how the full 1-card Tarot spread, with your name handwritten and blessed in crystals
  • Additional insights received

One Card Tarot Reading

This one card Tarot reading is great for anyone who wants to know more about their current situation, or get a general overview of the future.

The tarot card reading service connects you with the hidden wisdom of the Tarot, reading to help you find your path to a brighter future. We use the Rider-Waite deck.

Why choose a One-Card Tarot Reading?

They are affordable and detailed while being quick.

We believe that one card tarot readings provide a single illuminating glimpse into your situation. Let the Tarot and help to provide a range of perspectives and inform you as to any ideas that may help with your situation

Please note, we won't do readings for wealth or health, or for séance-related queries.

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