What is the most powerful tarot card?

What is the most powerful tarot card?

What is the most powerful tarot card? The question is an extremely popular one, and it is one you will see on many tarot readers’ websites. 

But what is the most powerful tarot card out of all 78 cards? If you ask a tarot reader, they will tell you the most powerful tarot card is the one that represents the questioner’s greatest desire or need with a card of the highest ‘value’, usually one from the 22 Major Arcana.

But, if you ask them the same question to an experienced Tarot reader again, they will tell you that the most powerful tarot card is the one that represents the questioner’s greatest fear. The most powerful tarot card is the one in the reading that helps the querent to make the greatest breakthrough in their thinking.

Powerful Cards in the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is part of the tarot deck that interests most people – they contain archetypes and characters that seem to push themselves deep into our psyche. The following three cards are the cards we consider here at Rosie Tarot to certainly have huge impacts on Tarot readings.

1.The Fool – power of beginnings and endings

The Fool is all about beginnings and embarking on something entirely new, and is simultaneously the highest and the lowest card in the deck. The Fool is the closest archetype to infinity: he represents the beginning and sometimes the end of a great journey. The Fool is a person stripped of all earthly possessions, and free from the restrictions that may weigh upon others. The Fool can also be a self-centered and arrogant individual who is unaware of the consequences of his or her actions.In a revised position, his actions often emerge from a selfish, chaotic and materialistic mind-set. 

But The Fool is also about the power of beginning and endings: The Fool is also the card of change and to break free from old, destructive patterns and to achieve a new, higher level of consciousness. 

2. The Hierophant – power of governance 

The Hierophant is certainly a ‘high and mighty’ card – and traditionally represented authority, advocacy, governance, the right to rule, and deft leadership. The Hierophant is also about initiation: it can represent needing to seriously step up your game if this card isn’t already reflecting your power.

3. The High Priestess – power of the spiritual world and the intellect

The High Priestess is a powerful card in terms of representing how close you might be to the line between the physical and the spiritual worlds. She represents the mind, the subconscious, psychology, and being the gatekeeper between deep, real-time experience and wisdom. Seers and mediums ought to be delighted if they see her – The High Priestess usually represents having a connection to the unknown.

The truth is, there is no one most powerful tarot card in the traditional sense, but in a modern reading, just one Tarot Card can be very powerful, depending on the situation. 

4. The Magician – power over yourself and perception

In the Tarot, the tarot card that represents the ‘highest’ authority is The Magician as Major Arcana card number 1.  The Magician card shows a person who is in control of his/her situation and makes the right choices. The Magician also represents being able to control what is seen and presented to the material world. If you work in PR or marketing, you might see this card a little more often than others! He can change a situation – both for the better or for the worse.

Power in the Tarot Cards

In short, Tarot cards are used by many to try and predict the future, but what does the future look like when you tell the future with Tarot? The “most powerful tarot card” is an interesting question because different people may interpret the meaning of this card in different ways. 

Others ask for mindful and meditative experiences from the Tarot, so the most powerful card for them will be the one which exerts the strongest hold over their thinking and potential  decision making. 

In keeping with both of these Tarot experiences, the most powerful tarot card in a reading can be used to tell you about a potential path to take in the future, or it can offer insight into the past. They can offer you advice, or they can inform you as to the actions you might want to take.

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